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Dutch Boat Registration only
  1. We setup a United Kingdom LTD for you in 24 hours. This LTD is owned by you but can also have additional owners if needed. The total cost for the setup of the LTD is 349.00 Euro and after that 249 Euro annually. As the LTD is only used for owning a boat you will not need to pay any taxes or do any government filings.
  2. After 24 hours, the LTD is setup and then you make a new bill of sale on the name of your UK LTD.
  3. We will then register the ICP for 299,00 EUR on the UK LTD. as owner of the vessel and you will receive your Dutch boat registration 3 days later.

  4. The price of the total package (UK Ltd + ICP) is 648,00 EUR and includes:
    *UK Ltd registration
    *Includes Dutch domicile
    *Expedited 3 day service
    *DHL overnight courier
MMSI Telecom License only
Dutch Boat Registration (ICP) - Packages
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