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Holland Yacht Registration - For All Nationalities

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Register your boat in Holland for 299 Eur

Are you tired of all the paperwork, taxes and restrictions when registering your boat in your own country jurisdiction? Do you know it is much easier, cheaper and with minimal restrictions to register your yacht in Holland.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the MMSI / Radio license is only 239 Euro if you order it as standalone or 149 Euro if you order it in combination with any of our boat flag registrations

Main reasons for registering your boat / vessel under the Holland or Belgium Boat Registration
  1. Cheap setup, for just 299 Euro / 399 Euro you get expert advise, registration fees & taxes, local address if needed and overnight courier.
  2. Fast and simple registration in just 3 days for Holland and 2 weeks for Belgium registrations.
  3. Valid for all European waters (Dutch Boat Registration) or any country in the world (Belgium Boat Registration)
  4. No Inspection needed
  5. No maritime restrictions
  6. Also available to non EU citizens. Click here for more information
  7. High variety of vessels can be registered including amateur build vessels
  8. No requirement for a Dutch or Belgium residence or Nationality
  9. Easy and inexpensive bi annual renewal
  10. Bare minimal paperwork required
  11. Bare minimum vessel / yacht equipment required, adjust it to your needs.
  12. MMSI Service available
  13. Amateur build boats are no problem
  14. No proof of VAT payment is needed

What documents are needed to register under Dutch boat registration?

  1. EU passport OR European ID card *if registering as company can be non - EU passport
  2. Proof of ownership of the vessel - this can be a sales agreement or insurance policy - as long as the hull and engine numbers are shown on it.