Let us register your boat in Holland

Register your boat in Holland

You have purchased a new or used boat somewhere in the world and the broker asks you; “under which registration will the boat be registered?” Many countries have very complicated boat registrations or have all kinds of maritime restrictions or worse, very high fees for registering your boat. The good news is; you do not have to register the boat in the country you live!

You can register your boat in a country that has a fast, efficient, low cost registration that is valid for life! Holland, or the Netherlands as it is also called, offers all the above and thus it is the perfect country to register your yacht. This is why it is so popular in the maritime world. We can register your boat in Holland in as little as 3 days and you do not need any boat survey or other time consuming paperwork. Just send us a copy of your passport and a copy of the bill of sale, that’s it!

We are the largest registrar of Dutch (Holland) flagged vessels. Our multi-lingual staff will take care of everything! You send us the paperwork, via email and we take care of it for the lowest price in the market.

Is the Holland yacht registration same as a flag registration?
No, the Dutch ICP registration are not the same as a FLAG registration. The ICP registration in Holland is however accepted in most of Europe as an ownership document with the exception of Portugal and recently Italy. If you prefer to have an actual flag registration we can take care of this for you by registering your boat in Holland with an actual flag registration or ZEEBRIEF as it is called. This is an actual flag registration that is valid worldwide. However, we recommend to use the Poland (EU) or Delaware (USA) flag registrations. Both these jurisdictions offer a fast and inexpensive real flag registration that is valid in Europe and the rest of the world.

Is it available for all nationalities?
You can register your boat in Holland as a non-Dutch citizen or even if you are not a European citizen. If you are not a European citizen we setup a UK LTD for you that will hold the ownership of your boat. The UK LTD is owned by you and as it is a European entity it can also register a vessel in Holland. As the LTD is only used for holding ownership of your vessel there will be no taxes due or even to be filed.

Where is the Dutch Boat Registration Valid?
It is valid in most European waters for private use. We do recommend that clients that use their vessel in Portugal or Italy register with our Polish flag registration service. In Portugal it is clear that the authorities do not accept the Dutch ICP and in some ports of Italy, we have recently heard that the local authorities were no longer accepting the Dutch ICP registration. Although it is currently not everywhere in Italy, we recommend our clients to register in Poland as this registration is an actual flag registration and is valid worldwide and for the life of the boat with no renewal fees! See details here Poland Yacht Registration


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    Email us a copy of your passport and bill of sale of your boat.

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    Send us your boat documents and passport copy.

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    We submit your paperwork to the Dutch authorities.

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    We send your documents by overnight courier to you within 3 to 5 days.

What documents do we need?

In order to register your yacht in Holland, we do not need any survey reports and the documentation is very simple:

1) Bill of Sale or copy of Insurance Policy

If this is not in English or Holland we will translate it for you for free.

2) Passport copy or ID

If this is not in English or Holland we will translate it for you for free.

5 – 7 days
Boat Registration

We can register your vessel and / or arrange your MMSI license.

24 Hours
MMSI License


Meet Our Experts

We have a highly experienced team who deal with the Holland registrations.



Fill in our simple online form and we will get started with your Yacht Register Holland today!

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199.00 EUR - Spanish Flag Cancellation
149.00 EUR - Dutch Boat Registration Modification
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525.00 EUR - Cancelation of Kadaster

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