Do you own a yacht of less than 24 meters that you would like to use for (bareboat) charters or other commercial use? As long as you hold a maximum of 12 passengers, our Belgium commercial yacht registration is perfect for you! WE DO NOT CHARGE YOU ANY ANNUAL FEES!

What are the steps for registering under commercial belgium flag?

  1. Fill in our online form
  2. Supply us with the required documents and pictures (see below required documentation)
  3. Let us setup your required yacht inspection
    Your yacht will need to be inspected by an authorized Belgium yacht inspector. The inspector will visit your yacht at its current location and the cost of this inspection will therefor be based on the location of your yacht and will usually run between 500 – 1000 Euro. This inspection will only have to be done once.
  4. We will DHL your commercial Belgium flag registration to you after a couple of weeks and when the inspection has been done.

What are the advantages of registering your commercial vessel under the Belgian flag?

  2. Perfect registration for (bareboat) charter operations
  3. Least expensive and fastest registration for commercial flag registration in Europe
  4. There is no limit on navigation distances, the limit is the design category of your boat (A, B, C or D)
  5. Limited security equipment
  6. There are no yearly taxes or expenses, except for a one-time tax when registering the boat.
  7. Insurance, most insurance companies accept the Belgium flag, so you can still use your favourite insurance
  8. You can choose any European homeport for your vessel
  9. No need to be a resident in Belgium – as your agent we take care of this.
  10. Registration only takes a few weeks
  11. Renewal is every 5 years

What documents are needed to register under the commercial Belgium Flag

  1. Proof / Certificate of nationality and residency
  2. Copy of your passport or national identity card
  3. Copy of proof of ownership of your boat (Invoice, bill of sale, notary act…)
  4. Cancelation of your previous flag (if applicable)
  5. A copy of the EC declaration of conformity for boats built after 1998 and for the engines built after 2006
  6. Pictures:
    1. A picture of the side of the boat, or jet ski,
    2. A picture of the HIN number, or hull number
    3. A picture of the CE plate of the boat
    4. A picture of the serial number of the engine(s) if applicable
  7. Our authorisation letter signed

OPTIONAL For Imported boats: Copy of the EC declaration of conformity Proof / Certificate of payment of the EU VAT For home build boats: Invoices of the main elements of the boat, like hull, mast, engine, an insurance report Declaration/statement in French/Dutch that you are the builder, stating the model of boat, construction time with start and end date, address of the location of construction and a drawing reference.

How much is the registration tax in Belgium?

This is a one-time tax, on the first time register to be paid directly to the Belgium ministry of finance upon request and it depends on the age and length of the boat, for example for boats under 7,5 meters its 0 EUR. For boats, older than 10 years and over 7,5 meters it starts from 61.50 EUR up to a maximum for new boats of 2478 EUR.

Age Years Amount
<1 2578,00 Euro
> 1 2230,20 Euro
> 2 1982,40 Euro
> 3 1734,60 Euro
> 4 1486.80 Euro
> 5 1239,00 Euro
> 6 991,20 Euro
> 7 743,40 Euro
> 8 495,60 Euro
> 9 247,80 Euro
> 10 61,50 Euro

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